Should we teach Python at universities?

  • Dmitry A. Pavlov Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, 5, building 3, st. Professora Popova, 197022, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Various measures of popularity of programming languages in different scopes are discussed in the paper, with Python being the main point of interest. Well-known drawbacks of Python as a language and as an ecosystem (not inherent to other popular languages) are listed. The usefullness of Python in carreer is considered overrated, while in education Python often does more harm than good.

Author Biography

Dmitry A. Pavlov, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, 5, building 3, st. Professora Popova, 197022, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Candidate of Sciences (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor of the Algorithmic
Mathematics Department, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University,


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