Brief history

Computer Tools in Education journal (“Kompjuternye instrumenty v obrazovanii”) was founded at 1998 and was published on Russian language.
The significant contribution to coming-to-be of the journal was made by two great scientists. One of them - Svjatoslav S. Lavrov - was one of the founders of computer science in USSR. Another - Seymour Papert – create a LOGO language to study interaction between students and computers.
Areas of their activity determine the journal scope.

Journal scope: computer science and its educational aspects.

- historically, the journal has developed as a common space for discussing problems related to enrichment of teaching mathematics and computer science by means of computer tools;
- due to the fact that in modern conditions the use of computer tools starts to directly influence the very subject of mathematics, the journal pays more and more attention to computer mathematics and informatics;
- the journal pays great attention to informing students about latest research topics, therefore, it welcomes articles that explain new ideas of computer science and algorithmic mathematics and articles with problem setting for young scientists.

Our Mission:

To promote the development of computer technologies aimed at productive learning and the support of intellectual activity of trainees, primarily in complex areas of intellectual activity such as mathematics and computer science. The magazine serves as a forum for communication of experts in the field of informatics, university teachers, young scientists and students who are interested in theoretical foundations and teaching of computer science, application of information technologies in various fields.


Teachers and students of computer science faculties of universities, specialists in the field of computer support of education and development of cognitive technologies in teaching.

The journal publishes:

- Results of original research in the field of mathematical modelling, informatics and information technologies;
- Scientific articles on technologies supporting scientific research activities in the learning process.

Computer Tools in Education journal (“Kompjuternye instrumenty v obrazovanii”)

Periodicity: 4 issues per year.
The journal is included in the VAK list (Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science).

ISSN 2071-2340 Titre clé: Komp'ûternye instrumenty v obrazovanii (Print)
Titre clé abrégé: Komp'ût. instrum. obraz. (Print)
ISSN 2071-2359 Titre clé: Komp'ûternye instrumenty v obrazovanii (Online)
Titre clé abrégé: Komp'ût. instrum. obraz. (Online)